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  The Faculty of Literature, within Sorbonne University, issues to international students who wish to validate their French foreign language level, diplomas corresponding to five levels of knowledge in French language and culture, in accordance with the European directives (CEFRL). These certifications were introduced since 1959 by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affaires in cooperation with the Faculty of Literature of Paris for the test management and delivrance. The SELFEE, under the authority of Sorbonne University, is responsible of tests organization. All these certificates facilitates access to universities in France, specially to programs in literature and human sciences. These certificates are validated by Mr Rector, Chancellor of the Universities of Paris, and the Director of SELFEE. Every year, more than 5000 candidates, 49 different nationalities, apply to our exams at Sorbonne Université and abroad. This activity contributes to international and cultural exchange. Sorbonne University is diligently endeavouring to develop the spirit of dialogue and mutual understanding and cultural sharing between European countries and the rest of the world. The SELFEE-Sorbonne Université lies within the scope of this approach.

The Director

Madam Joëlle DUCOS

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Service of French language exams for foreign students (SELFEE)

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