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Since 1961, The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has offered to those wanting to acquire proficiency in the French language the possibility of earning six different certificates, validating the candidates’ written and oral skills and providing access to our standard university degrees.

Consistent with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), the diplomas are divided into five levels of knowledge: threshold (B1), vantage (B2), advanced (C1), mastery (C2) and proficiency (C3).  For the three highest levels (C1, C2 and C3), the certificates include a literature program that allows candidates to be better prepared for subsequent study at a French university.

Each year, over 5,000 applicants from more than 56 nationalities make use of our teaching and administrative staffs, both under the direction of Mr. Ilinski, Paris-Sorbonne University professor, and Mr. Soutet, Linguistics Professor and the Director of the French language UFR, for their certificates.

13 sessions are organized annually in France and abroad.


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Service of French language exams for foreign students (SELFEE)

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