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Lecture Series

Each given lecture series lasts one week. They are given in French, one of them in English, on a variety of themes drawing from philosophy, literature, history and art history. 


2015 Program

The 2015 program offers eleven different lecture series.


Lecture n°1

Aux sources de la culture européenne : l’Antiquité gréco-romaine

Classical Antiquity: the Origin of European Culture

This course offers a reflection on the foundations of European civilization. It provides an introduction to Greek and Roman philosophy and its ties with politics. It also offers a reflection on the influence of art in Antiquity as well as an introduction to the art of rhetoric.


Lecture n°2

L’Europe des Lumières

Europe in the Age of Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment in France and Europe (1680-1780): The Age of Enlightenment saw the birth of the public space while the ideology of the Enlightenment permeated the visual arts, literature and theater of the time.


Lecture n°3

Modernité et Postmodernité

Modernity and Post-Modernity


What do these concepts mean in the fields of literature, philosophy, visual arts and politics?

NEW: Lecture n°4

Comprendre la France et les Français

Understanding France and the French

Course 4 allows you to choose from over 20 different lecture options per week, by selecting 5 lectures from the chosen list for the week.

For 5 lectures, select one or two lectures per day, making sure you don’t choose two lectures that take place at the same time.

Lecture n°5

Discover France

(Held in English)

What are France’s main cultural characteristics (arts, literature, geography, history and science)?


NEW: Lecture n°6

Les classiques de la littérature française

The classics of the French literature

This course takes us on a journey through the major works of French literature, to discover or re-discover iconic works that are the basis of a common culture. We will be focusing on the works that were ground-breaking when they first appeared and are still relevant today. In this way, we will question what makes a classic, and consider the various ways literary creations play with aesthetic codes and shape ideals, from the Renaissance to the present day. Each lecture will examine a specific period in French literature and take an in-depth look at three or four works.



NEW: A brand new programme of evening conferences 


These lectures in French or English are available to all individuals with at least two years in higher education, with a good knowledge of French or English and to all people eager to improve their knowledge on the current state of research and intellectual debate in France.

Each course lasts 15 hours, spanning over a week (3 hours per day, 5 days per week + a conference-debate chaired by an academic).


To know more about our new program of French as a foreign language (40 hours) available for 3 different levels, please click here



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