The Sorbonne University Press ("Sorbonne Université Presses")

The objective of the Sorbonne University Press is to publish the personal and collective work of the University’s scientific community and to establish general rules on editing, coherent with the University’s research policy. Close links thus exist between the PhD schools ("écoles doctorales”), and the Press is one of their privileged sources of scientific expression.

The Press directly distributes their work in their retail outlets, but most of the marketing is done through a large distributor, SODIS. International marketing is carried out via Gallimard-Export. The PUPS website presents their complete catalogue: nearly 500 titles for about 50 series. Every year, the Press publishes between 50 and 70 works linked to all the university’s key sectors.

Research in numbers

750 professor-researchers
2300 PhD students
Nearly 300 theses are defended each year
47 research teams

Moving towards a Centre for Humanities Studies

Research has taken on another step with the creation of  “La Maison de la Recherche” (Research Center) in 2005 which includes several specialized libraries and most of the schools for PhD students.


Maison de la Recherche
Université Paris-Sorbonne
28 rue Serpente
75006 Paris

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