Cultural Life

Cultural life

The Faculty’s Cultural Department ("Le Service Culturel de la Faculté"), competes in different ways to make the Sorbonne a cultural center in Paris. More than a hundred events (concerts, plays, debates, exhibitions, screenings), are planned every three months for a public that is growing in number each year. It takes part in national events ("Printemps des Poètes," "Fête de la Musique") and in local events (the "Ici et Demain" Festival).
The Réfectoire des Cordeliers, the Opéra de Paris, the Maison des Écrivains, the main Parisian theaters and other universities in France and abroad can be counted amongst its regular partners.
The Cultural Department also organizes an international poetry competition. The winners’ works are then published in the "Poésie en Sorbonne" collection which, along with "Prose en Sorbonne" and "Nouvelles Scènes" (Klincksieck), constitute the framework of its editorial work.

Excellent student facilities

The Cultural Department is open to students seeking valuable cultural documentation in Paris and the Paris region. The staff is attentive to students’ needs and can provide technical expertise for their projects. More than 60 cultural organizations are present, and it is a very welcoming workplace for students.

Student involvement

As actors and as spectators, students are greatly encouraged to participate in the development and success of cultural activities. Thanks to the Cultural Department, the Faculty provides them with logistical and financial support. They also receive help to create student organizations, launch projects, find rehearsal rooms, and apply for grants. Finally, the Cultural Department provides students with a theater as well as technical assistance.

Creativity and originality

The Cultural Department’s activities are also offered as semester electives: in addition to its traditional art workshops, it offers a choice of original workshops such as the Art of Reading Aloud, Classical Choir and Theater, a Poetry Workshop and a Novel-Writing Workshop). It also encourages students to go to the theater by offering more than 300 free tickets each year in exchange for reviews. The best ones are published on the Faculty’s website. Finally, the Cultural Department creates partnerships and animates community life, especially by their support of Student Union initiatives.

Every year, the Faculty’s cultural activities include:

  • more than one hundred cultural events, with around 100,000 participants/spectators, mainly students,
  • 7 workshops (about 150 students),
  • 3 festivals ("Printemps des Poètes", "Ici et Demain" with the Paris Townhall, "Dionysies" with the "Association Démocodos"),
  • 2 institutional days : "Fête de l’Université," "Fête des Relations Internationales,"
  • 3 cultural event calendars,
  • 2 books created from writing workshops : "Prose en Sorbonne" and "Poésie en Sorbonne,"
  • 2 international competitions : poetry and "à l’est de l’Europe,"
  • More than 300 free theater and opera tickets offered to students,
  • More than a hundred projects for the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay,
  • The "Chœur et Orchestre de Paris-Sorbonne" (Paris-Sorbonne’s Choir and Orchestra), created in 1975 by Jacques Grimbert, offers a season of public concerts and a yearly thematic festival called "Musique en Sorbonne." 

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