University Life

Can I visit the Faculty ?

If you are a student at Sorbonne University, free visits, given in French, are organized regularly by the school. For more information, please write to

If you are not a student at Paris-Sorbonne, you can write to to make an appointment for a paid visit, given in French. Please visit the following page :

Does the Faculty have housing facilities?

The Faculty does not have housing, nor a campus.

Here you can find some useful links regarding accommodation in Paris :

How can I advertise an internship or job offer on the university’s website?

To advertise a job offer on the Faculty’s website, please contact the "Bureau d’aide à l’insertion professionnelle" (BAIP), our University’s office for professional integration.
You should send your offer as a Word or PDF file specifying the type of offer, the name of the job, the scope and duration of the offer, and the salary.

Email address for the BAIP :

Who should I contact to receive my transcript?

Please send your request to our transcript office at

Phone number : 33 (0)1 40 46 32 62

How can I obtain access to a thesis?

For a thesis published before 1985, please contact the Sorbonne Library :

For a thesis published after 1985, please send your request to Mrs Broms.

Contact info :, 00 33 (0)1 53 10 57 53

Presentation of student life at the Faculty

Paris-Sorbonne in numbers

21 000 students
1 237 teachers and professor-researchers
720 people working at Paris-Sorbonne (other than teachers and professor-researchers)
18 departments
2 schools (CELSA, ESPE)


Paris-Sorbonne Locations

The Latin Quarter
Sorbonne and Champollion
The Research Center

Affiliated Centers
The Slavic Studies Center         
The Catalan Studies Center
The Institute of Art and Archaeology
The University Center of Clignancourt and the Institute of Hispanic Studies
The Institute of Geography            
The University Center of Malesherbes

Intramural Colleges



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Paris-Sorbonne University
1 rue Victor Cousin
75005 Paris

+33 (0) 1 40 46 22 11

Metro station : Saint-Michel, Odéon or Cluny-la-Sorbonne
RER station
: Luxembourg or Cluny-la-Sorbonne